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Reviews of To Turn Full Circle
 by Linda Mitchelmore

ReviewedAtCTRsteamingcupx5steamingcupx5steamingcupx5steamingcupx5steamingcupx5In To Turn Full Circle, Ms. Mitchelmore chronicles the growth of Emma Le Goff from pathetic young orphan to confident young woman with plans for a bright future. Seth grows up to assume responsibility for the family business and develops the confidence to pursue Emma—to make her his own. Ms. Mitchelmore’s vivid descriptions of the residents and of the community provide a rich background for the story. Overall, a great read.
Rita, Coffee Time Romance & More
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Oh, I loved this tale set in a fishing village in Devon in the early 1900's. I felt empathy for Emma as a young girl and admiration at her determination to survive and make a new life for herself. 
I was so engrossed in the novel that I was worried the storyline would take the characters in directions I did not want to see them go. 
The storyline flowed easily and the writing was superb, one of those novels that makes me wish I could write.
This story would appeal to historical romance and saga fans.
5 out of 5 for me!
Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog
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chocheart fourBrilliant read. I intended to read a chapter or two before going to bed. I didn't get to bed until I'd finished the book, because I just had to know what happened to the characters. And I'm so glad this is part of a trilogy as I have been left hungry for more. Such believable characters, interesting twists and turns of plot, and glorious Devon as the backdrop.
Julie, Exeter


... Linda has done her homework in regards to the historical facts of the time. She shows us the beautiful fishing village but does not burden with unnecessary details. What a great opening debut and I am eagerly awaiting the other books in this trilogy.

Emma’s friend Seth tries to help but he is the landlords son enter stage left the new fisherman in town Mathew Chaunter who takes Emma under is wing but in doing so causes more complications for the young girl.
Charlotte, Word Enlightenment Blogspot
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In To Turn Full Circle, Linda Mitchelmore offers us a lovely, warm-hearted evocation of a past time and place. She writes with skill and compassion about people, with much of the story related via convincing dialogue and internal thoughts. It has romance, endearing characters, cruel, selfish villains, and a world on the cusp of change, where cars are on the increase, telephones are being installed, and aeroplanes are being spoken of...
... I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for an enjoyable romantic read to really escape into, with a compelling plot and some lovely characters. This is the first novel in a trilogy, so lots more to look forward to from this author involving these characters - hooray!
Lindsay, The Little Reader Library blogspot
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A very enjoyable read- it didn’t take me long to be hooked into the story. I really liked Emma, despite being young, she was resilient and fiesty, having to overcome some difficult situations and prejudices against her...
...I enjoyed finding out how society around this time worked- an era that I haven’t read about until now. I enjoyed Linda Mitchelmore’s easy style of writing and lovely refreshing similes.

I shall certainly look forward to reading more about Emma Le Goff.
Lovereading Lovebooks blog
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Written in the third person, the reader is able to get under the skin of the main characters. The story flows and I experienced sadness/grief, frustration at misunderstandings, justice for wrongs done and hope/satisfaction! The figurative language is exactly right for the period it is written, making comparisons to the way of life. I enjoyed dipping into the fashions and the social history and social hierarchy of this time period.

To Turn Full Circle is more than an historical romance. Family is a strong theme as well as a small fishing community. For me, it is also about a strong-spirited young woman, alone, making her way in a world ruled by men.

We end the story at a beginning. The first in a trilogy, I can’t wait to see where life will take Emma Le Goff next!
Jera’s Jamboree
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It's a book that promises drama, romance and even a mystery behind the scenes. After a bit of a heartbreaking beginning the book just flows on and is truly easy to read.
Booksforlife blogspot
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