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Got what it takes to create a Choc Lit hero?

Please read our criteria and guidelines below and follow the instructions.

We’re looking for quality stories not quantity. We are a traditional publisher not an eBook/Print on Demand publisher. Our paperbacks are distributed to the trade wholesalers and available from most good bookshops and libraries. We are also represented by a UK, US & Australian sales team. 

Our eBooks are on all the major platforms, not just Amazon.

 We invest heavily in editing and design along with a long term investment in our authors. If you’re looking for a fast route to publication, we’re not the publisher for you.

Please note that we do have a three month review period as all manuscripts are reviewed, in the first instance, by our Choc Lit Tasting Panel who are genuine readers.


Please DO NOT email any unsolicited  attachments (synopsis, first three chapters, etc.) as they will be lost in our spam folder and you won’t get a response. Ensure you follow these guidelines.

Submitting a novel for Choc Lit and Imprints:
Choc Lit - includes the hero’s point of view .
Choc Lit Lite - does not include the hero’s point of view.
Hot Choc Lit - raised heat level but not erotic fiction.
Dark Choc Lit - compelling, emotional, hard hitting novels.
Death by Choc Lit - thrillers, suspense and mystery novels.

Your novel must be:

  • - fiction
    - must have a male hero
    - a romance at the heart (not required for Death by Choc Lit)
  • - suitable for an adult audience
  • - 60,000 to 100,000 words long
  • - in English
  • - completed – we can’t consider works in progress
  • - previously unpublished (self published novels are acceptable)
  • - not currently accepted by any other publisher or agent
  • - contemporary, thrillers, mystery, historical, fantasy, suspense, time-slip, etc.

Submission Guidelines

We are not looking for one book deals so we do discourage you to submit if this is what you seek. We look to work with our authors on a long term basis to help develop their careers. We hold options on the next work of fiction, so please do not submit  to us if this is not for you

We strongly advise that you have your novel assessed before you send it to us so that you have a chance to correct any obvious problems with your story or style. There are many people offering manuscript assessment services and help/advice can be gained from organisations such as Romance Writers of America (RWA), Romance Writers of Australia and the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

Once your novel is ready to be submitted, please complete the form below and press Submit. Please do not email your manuscript to us unless we contact you. Any unsolicited  attachments emailed  will be lost in our spam folder and you won’t get a response!

Notes to help your submission:
Remember that a synopsis provides the whole story of your novel in a nutshell – the main characters, their motivations and a summary of the plot, including the ending.

*Social media activity (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and online skills are necessary for all Choc Lit authors as we expect them to be proactive and help us by pursuing publicity opportunities. We no longer accept submissions without an online platform.
* Give your writing experience, any success in short stories or writing competitions, self published success or anything else you feel is relevant
*If you’re an unpublished author, please state the manuscript assessment service used.

If we feel your synopsis has met our Choc Lit hero tastes we will request, via email, that you complete the Choc Lit Submission Form and submit this together with your complete novel in MS Word or RTF (text file). Please present these as professionally as possible (Our submissions are reviewed by our Choc Lit Tasting Panel, independent readers who can be quite picky about badly presented manuscripts, so don’t give them an excuse to fail yours!).
If you think you’ve got the perfect hero and you meet our criteria, complete the form below. Good luck!

Submissions Form

Your first name:

Your surname:

Email address:

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Title of novel:

Name of assessment service used, if you’re an unpublished author:

Your Facebook address(e.g. /jane_smith):

Your Twitter address:

Any blog/web address:

Your social media activity (please include any forums or blogs you regularly appear on):

Please tell us about yourself -  include any writing experience, your day job and anything you think will help your submission.

Synopsis of your novel (see note above):

What’s unique about your novel? Why should we add it to our selection?

Genre/category (or categories):

Word count of your novel (no comma required - e.g. 70000):

Does your novel include the hero’s point of view?:

Please only press the once. At busy times it may appear slow. Thank you!


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